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"Umbrellas" by Jade Blair

-What art means to you:"To me art is what happens when I forget to think and breath."






Welcome to McGillart.ca

This site was launched fall 2006. We are an online art museum displaying art from McGill Students and other Montréalers. See our gallery. Artists create art to communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings, so we are interested in all forms of visual art including poetry.

We also have artists profiles up so that you can learn about the artists behind the works. McGillart.ca is also about artists being able to meet other artists.

If you are a McGill student with an interest in art looking to be involved with this site, please mail us.


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Tribute to: Jean-Michel Basquiat


Jean-Michel Basquiat:

"I start a picture and I finish it. I don't think about art while I work. I try to think about life."

Old artist tributes:

Roy Lichtenstein
Henri Matisse
Keith Harring
Dr. Seuss

Untitled by Andrew Coleman

"Banquise" by Philippe Suter

They're chips, fries, French or Freedom,
They're yellow crispy sliced tubers,
Salted, packed in their containers.
Hear them chanting for their boredom!

They crave a bath in brownish grease,
A gagging warmth of flowing gravy.
It may sound off, yet far from deadly,
So pour it on, and bring them ease.

And there it comes! A rain of curds!
Voluptuous drops of the finest cheese
Roll and melt, yet still will squeeze.

Dare we call it food for drunkards?
Why there's a reason if Cuisine
So easily rhymes with Poutine.





DimwitzComics.com by Brad Hines

An Interview with the artist...

dimwitz comics

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